Welcome to Wandermench.com

I tried blogging almost a decade ago for our Manila to Morocco honeymoon registry and then tried it again with TinyTweaks, the beginnings of a mindful living blog. I guess I wasn’t much of a creature of habit back then and did not treat the act of writing with as much rigour as how I treat important aspects of my life now. They say the third time’s a charm and I would like to try again.

Allow me to share with you wandermench.com. It will be about the interesting intersection of travel, running and micro adventures. It chronicles how a full time working mom of two, wife, triathlete, marathoner and avid traveller tries to make things work.

It is a personal journey. It celebrates the questions and challenges of 30-something moms/individuals who seem to want to have it all. It highlights building mindful habits as a way to align all that one wants to do.

It speaks of the joy of running in different places, of finding creative ways to run the world’s biggest marathons. It journals every step of the way as I strive to complete the World Marathon Majors in 2016. It will particularly highlight the road to qualify for the Boston Marathon, the holy grail of marathons due to its very stringent qualifying times.

wandermench.com is in itself an experiment of creating something, everyday, and keeping at it. It is about choosing to do things that are important to us and weeding out those that leave us unhappy and unproductive.  It stands for a commitment to share and give more of myself to a world that has bestowed me with so much. It is my way of saying thank you.

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