Beautiful Frailty

These past two weeks I have been made more aware about the frailty of our human bodies. We get injured, we get hurt, we get sick and all these are not entirely within our control. This is something that I have to come to terms with.

Last week’s injury was a reminder that I am not super human and that my body is limited and weak. I have been so used to walking briskly and moving fast that the past days have left me feeling frustrated as I amble and drag my feet, taking little baby steps. I am forced to slow down and take it easy. And be patient. Admittedly patience is not one of my strongest traits and it has taken so much of my willpower to accept that I just can’t be as fast and agile as I am used to.

The past few days was also spent looking after my dad. Just like me, he is always active, full of energy so it was a pain to see him in a hospital bed, looking old and tired. My parents are both young looking considering that they are in their mid-60s but I suddenly saw how they have aged. I’ve always had a picture of  them in my mind and it’s one that depicts them at their most vibrant. Maybe I just have not seen them for a while that’s why they looked a little older. I should really visit them more often 😦

But it is also in the past week that I have realized how amazing the body is despite its fragility. Our bodies are wonderful vessels of being that we take for granted. But it heals itself, adapting, adjusting and making little tweaks to get better. It may take a while but at its core is a will to strengthen itself. We just have to keep working on it, and strive for constant practice. As in the past, my most powerful learnings happen whenever I am home up in the mountains. There is joy in coming home to where I started, finding myself and falling in love with life all over again.


Clarity and a more distilled purpose always comes to me whenever I go home. I’ve been to many places and yet I have learned my life’s greatest lessons by coming home.

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