A Year of Giving Thanks

2014 was a year of transition but more than that I would like to think of it as a year of giving thanks. Every “yes” uttered in the face of opportunities and challenges is a thank you to the world that has bestowed me with abundance. As we enter a new year, allow me to list some of the things I am most thankful for.

January- Starting the Year with Travel

It was great to set the tone of the year with one of the things I am passionate about, travel. There is so much to explore in this country and we don’t have to go to far off places to have a genuine adventure.

This is how Sundays should be spent.

February – Running and Eating in Tokyo

Running a major marathon in one of my favorite cities in the world was a real treat. It was a fun eat and run themed race and we got to spend time with new friends as we explored Tokyo.


Eat and run for the Tokyo Marathon.

March- Celebrating in Special Places

I am thankful for birthdays spent in a special place. It has been a practice to spend birthdays and anniversaries in new or favorite places. Last year we had Katy’s birthday at Soloviento, a serene lakeside destination that we have fallen in love with.


Lakeside birthday celebration for the little curly haired Katy.

April- Strengthening Relationships

Eight years ago when I was transitioning into a new phase in my career, I visited my best friend who was then based in Hong Kong. Last year when I was about to shift gears at work, it was an interesting coincidence that she was again posted in Hong Kong. There is nothing like spending hours of talking and being with someone who has known you for ages, and who has seen you through all the seasons of your life.


Cheers to almost two decades of friendship.

It was also a time to celebrate the sixth year since our Manila to Morocco wedding. It may be a belated anniversary getaway but it was worth spending it in Pangulasian.


View of Bacuit Bay from Pangulasian’s highest point.

May- Turning Over a New Leaf

As I capped off my stint at my previous company, I said yes to a project that took me on one of my craziest adventures ever. We gave out school supplies and treats to children from a far flung area in Northern Mindanao not knowing that there were risks to security that we were not fully aware of. Fortunately, I came home unscathed but instead renewed with a more adventurous heart as I turned over a brand new leaf in my career.


Always a mountaineer at heart.

June- Having a Safe and Fun Race Season

This month marked the start of my triathlon racing season. Although I have not fully embraced the sport, I am thankful for the chance to hone my skills in two other sports and at the same time firm up the discipline for multisport training.

I am also thankful for my team for adopting me for the rest of the year, allowing me to still wear the Alveo uniform even after I have left the company.


Happy finish!

July- Witnessing My Children’s Immense Joy

Birthdays are best celebrated in special places and happiness exponentially increases if it happens to be my children’s dream come true. We visited Legoland for my son’s birthday and this meant the world to him. Seeing the joy in my little boy’s face is priceless.


With Wyldstyle.

August- Celebrating Birthdays as an Ironman

My birthday weekend falls on my biggest race for the year. It is always an awesome way to spend and remember my special day as I swim 1.9 kilometers, bike for 90 kilometers and run a half marathon. It’s not your usual birthday celebration but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Another birthday, another Ironman finish.

September- Finishing Strong

For the first time in my triathlon racing, I garnered a podium finish. Just before the race I was contemplating on making 2014 my last racing year because I still have not fallen head over heels in love with the sport. But I had so much fun racing and even finished strong that I signed up for two more races this year.


The surprise podium finish to cap off my triathlon season.

October- Getting Into London Marathon

I am thankful for getting into the London Marathon set for April 26 this year. It will be my fifth world major and hopefully my Boston Qualifier. This race will be my most memorable in terms of preparation since I am fund raising for charity and training for a fast race. I also got into other races next year and all entry confirmations came in a just one week in October. But next year’s focus is London.


Three marathon confirmations all in one week.

November- Being Part of the World’s Biggest Race

My heart was overflowing with gratitude as I crossed the finish line at the 2014 New York Marathon. It was my most superb marathon experience so far because of the logistics excellence, crowd participation and wonderful race course. I would not mind doing this race again. Plus I am so happy to have some of my closest friends supporting and cheering me on.


Proud Pinoy Runner

December – Testing My Willpower

I finished my hardest race ever and ran until I could on an injured ankle. I am thankful for the validation that we can truly finish what we set our focus on. I am also happy to finish this with one of my closest friends, someone who has been an instrumental part of my life in the past year.


Hardest race ever but happy to finish.

So I say “thank you” for the year that was and utter a big “yes” to forging forward in 2015.

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