Getting Started with Boston Training

The London Marathon this coming April is slated to be my Boston Qualifier (BQ). I have decided to put all my eggs in one basket, focused on London as my sole chance to get a slot for Boston 2016. There are other options this year but due to budget constraints and limitations on mental bandwidth I choose to just zero in on one.


Back in my favorite training ground.

For the next four months I will be coached by Ige Lopez, one of the country’s top triathlon and running coaches, known for his stringent programs. I am both scared and excited especially since I just came from a series of injuries.

The past seven days marked my first week of training. After not being able to run for over a month, this week was critical in just getting me back in the rhythm. It was not easy and I just got reminded by my coach that my pace is not at par with my goals. But I like this tough treatment to keep me on my toes given the clear objectives that we have set to accomplish. This week also crystallized my worldview when it comes to tackling a challenge – that I can push towards a singular purpose with tunnel vision if I set my sights on it. This commitment to a goal is also further magnified when I am given a general direction on how to go about it. Clarity of goals allows me to pound at something with stubborn persistence.

So despite the uphill climb of this first week, I stuck to the program by showing up every single day. I chose not to miss a day of training since this week was about setting the foundations for the weeks to come. I finished every work out even if I wanted to quit the moment I started. I remember my first day of treadmill training last week. I had to stop twice at the start to reset. I could not even last a full two minutes without thinking of stopping. But the task was to carry on and finish no matter what. It was stop and go until it became easier.

I am also intimidated by speed. I have always been a steady runner and cannot imagine myself running to the point of exhaustion. But this program is meant to build up pace. I asked my coach how I can overcome this self imposed lid and he said that I should start running with people who are fast runners. I have yet to sum up my courage to take on his invitation to join their Tuesday and Thursday running sessions. These guys are fast and just the thought of keeping up with them make my tummy swirl. But if this is what it takes then I shall muster all my strength to show up.

The rest of the program for January will be about building a solid base so that I can get used to a heavier run load. It will be the foundation for the weeks to come. It is also about learning how to measure results and performance to see how these bring me closer to the objectives. I like the thought of seeing one’s progress with every effort put in.

So week one down fifteen more to go on this exciting road to BQ. Happy Monday everyone!

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