Ramping Up For London Marathon

As I have posted in the past weeks, I have been loading up on my training for the London Marathon. But I have to build up as well on my fund raising for charity since I have a target to hit by April 1.

From now until April 1, I hope to reach Php 100,000. I have lined up some initiatives that I hope you will support:

1. Product Auctions
– Every week I will be auctioning off products from various brand sponsors who have been generous in supporting this project. These will be posted on Facebook and you may bid/purchase. All proceeds go to Scope for Disability.

2. Bespoke Travel Planning
– Friends usually joke about asking me to make their travel itinerary and preparations. To those of you who have travel plans this year, I am very much open to create a customized, fun and interesting trip plan for you in exchange for any donation to the fund raising.

3. Rally for Brand Sponsorships
– I will continue to reach out to brands who may be interested to be part of the project. If you know any brand who I may tap, please do send contacts my way. I would really appreciate any leads.

4. Direct Donations via www.virginmoneygiving.com/MenchieDizon
You may directly donate via the fundraising page. Any amount will be very much welcome!

So apart from the training, there is still a lot more to do on the fund raising front. I hope you will support me in any of the endeavors listed above:)

My heartfelt thanks to everyone! Happy Sunday!

(Photo from London Marathon Facebook account)

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