March Run Report

March was an interesting month. I started strong coming from a solid base, sticking as close as I could to my marathon program for the past couple of months. Then things got crazy and the rhythm just went up in the air. 

So I tried to squeeze a heavy training load into a limited period of time. At one point I even did one long run on the treadmill- all twenty six kilometers of that day’s mileage. It was no surprise that I got sick and was forced to rest. Not running for a week drove me nuts but the rest was a good break.  It was a blessing in disguise because I would’ve just kept on pounding until I got burned out. I was feeling the first symptoms of burn out but was just trying to brush these off. Sometimes my stubbornness can get in the way if left unbridled. 

It’s a good thing that I was able to bounce back right after the break, still with enough time to build mileage and then eventually taper. This has gotta be the most mileage ran ever for a marathon training and it has helped strengthen my legs to sustain faster speed for prolonged sessions. 

For the past major races, I always had a slower second half and I attributed this to tightening of leg muscles since I was not used to running at the upper range of my speed for longer time periods. But the mileage build up as well as the interval training has given me much more confidence to run at a higher speed and keep at it. Despite this, I can’t help but still feel nervous about the upcoming race. I just hope these jitters will do me some good. 

And it’s now race month, just a few weeks before the London Marathon. I still have more mileage to cover, not to mention another very long run to do. I really can’t wait to taper but I’m also excited to see how much more I can give to this training. 

Long quiet roads are my cup of tea for these long solo runs.

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