5 Tips to Survive a Travel Fair

I’ve been stung by the travel bug for years and it is what makes me wake up in the middle of the night to book cheap fares. And it is what made me line up so early in the morning for a travel fair. I said I would not do it and I will just catch the promotional fares online as I often do. But my inner ukay queen’s curiosity plus my perpetually itchy feet got the the better of me. There’s always the thrill of a great bargain.  I have also booked some of our most “sulit” trips from these events so there really is no harm in checking it out again. So I share with you some tips to survive and go home happy:

Go Early

I got here before 7 am only to find a long line outside the venue. This is just the first of many lines especially if you plan to book from the more popular booths, usually airlines. I heard the most popular are Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Delta Airlines. Make sure that you condition yourself to wait in line for hours so you will not lose your patience.

Have A Plan

Check out the list of exhibitors and plot which ones you want to prioritize so that you don’t waste your time just going around. Once you know which booths you want to visit, check their online sites so you can compare current web rates from what will be available on site. It usually goes down to as much as 70% but sometimes web rates are not so bad and you don’t have to go through the hassle of lining up. 

List Needed Information

A lot of the people are equipped with the complete personal information list of their entire clans.  Yes people book for their entire families for multiple trips. This includes names,  birthdates, passport details. It really helps too if you already know the dates and destinations for your trips. Make sure you also have alternative dates in mind so you can explore other options that may be cheaper. 

Be Patient

Long lines mean shorter patience. People will be extra cranky especially those who have decided to be on their fight mode, ready to battle anyone who may cut the line or prolong the waiting process. Take it easy and just chill. It also helps if you come prepared with stuff to do to while away the time. For me, it’s a time to catch up on podcasts and TED Talks.

Enjoy the Frenzy

Revel in the craziness of the whole experience. Have fun chatting with people as you line up. Exchange travel stories and tips. Be on the lookout for hidden bargain gems. Day dream of places to go to as you wait. It’s all part of choosing a life of wanderlust. 

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