On Silence and Solitude

Some of my ramblings on why both silence and solitude are such wonderful respite, refuge and reset. 

In my silence I am whole. It has breathed a renewed life into me. It heals my brokenness, centers me and holds me tightly and tenderly. It grounds me so I may explore freely. It relaxes me and leaves me at peace. It is my rest. It assures me. And warms and treasures me. It molds and shapes me as it embraces and beckons me closer. It makes me happy. It loves me and caresses me. It fills me till I’m overflowing. It brings me good news but it also challenges me. It creates me and breaks me. It makes me matter. It gives me strength and courage. It teaches me and makes me wise. It inspires me, moves me. It bathes me in love. It opens me and frees me. It makes me grow and keeps me young. It makes me imagine possibilities and at the same time notice what is real. It gives me back myself. It brings me back to those I love the most. It takes me away so I may go back whole and free. It hones me and brings color to my life. It is my energy. It is how I choose to waste my time. It excites me and at times scares me. It is forever new but remains old and true. Because of it I am present, here and now. It holds my future and I trust it. It is familiar, just like coming home, but altogether strange and sometimes I truly don’t know what it hides and holds. It is loving myself unquestioningly and taking care of myself, just because. It is my gift to myself. It is being my truest self. It is arming myself for the battles and struggles ahead. It is the calm before whatever storm. It is my power and my passion. It is also my gift to others. It allows me to listen. It teaches me to hear the unspoken. It keeps me playful and lets me be a child filled with wonder. It makes my mind wander and my heart flutter. It lets me discover. It makes me beautiful and real. It is my reality check but it also is my time for reality distortion. It is the light within me, the flame that keeps me burning and yearning. It is what drives me. It lets me trickle out into the world. It starts and ends my search. It bothers me. But also reassures me and makes me okay. It questions me but equips me with answers. It also helps me be alright with these answers, even if it says no or not yet. It is my feedback and unsolicited advice. It is my ear that perpetually listens without judgement. It is my go-to-friend. It is what’s gives me joy. It satisfies my thirst and abates my hunger. It prepares me for harm’s way. It is my heart. It fuels me and makes my heart race. It disrupts me. It is there every season of my life. It knows when I need it the most. It patiently waits for me and lingers even after I have left. It reminds me of my past. It is steadfast and constant. It messes up with my emotions and mends me till I am well again. It unknots me and disentangles me. It makes me run free and wild. It permits me to live on the edge as it centers me. It makes me live a little and a lot more. It is my home and my destination. It is a journey. I get lost in it only to find myself again. I long for it and search for it. It keeps me silly and serious in a single breath. It makes me appreciate what I have and be grateful for what life has dealt me. It teases me and sometimes even taunts me. But it also tempers me and puts me in my place. It is my place in this world. It is my melody. And my rhythm. I can dance to its beat all day. It is my refuge and respite. It is my very own and no one else’s. It is the life that flows through me. It is the breath that is eternal. It is my soul. It is God’s love. It is Him.


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