I’ve always been drawn to wildflowers, those weedy blossoms that grow freely. I love how they are pretty but rough on the edges. Individually they seem dainty and delicate but collectively they are a strong bunch. And it does not take much to grow them. They thrive in extreme conditions, the intensity of their color manifest how much they have weathered. If I were to get married again I would revolve it around the theme of wildflowers. 

In the same way, I am drawn to people who have a certain wildness about them. I like being with the outliers, those at the fringes. I live vicariously through some of them and are inspired by them. Mavens and mavericks, these non-conformists shape my worldview as they constantly challenge what is possible. They show me that I can chart my own path too. That anyone can. 

So just like wildflowers may we live fully, wherever we are strewn. 

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