Saying No

I saw a lot of people’s feeds stating that they will say “no” more this year. Maybe just like me they felt that they spread themselves too thinly in the past, just saying yes to things because it sounded kinda fun. Or maybe saying yes because it seemed cool and would look great on social media. We have really been too obsessed with social approval that we do things not for their own sake anymore. 

This year is about focus and going full steam ahead. I can only achieve this if I free up time to just do what I set out to do. The good thing is that it is clear where I want to take myself in the major aspects of my life. This clarity affords me the attention needed to move forward. I just have to save myself from my tendencies and distractions. I have a lot of these curiosities and it’s not entirely a bad thing until I end up not accomplishing anything that takes me closer to where I want to go. 

More than saying no as a theme for 2017, I’d like to spin it positively. Borrowing shamelessly from Derek Sivers, this will be a year of “hell yeah! “, saying yes only to those things that clearly make my heart soar. So I say yes to playing bigger, loving wholeheartedly everyday and moving towards the peak of my game. 

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