Our Other Side

To create more content, I’m learning to gather sparks of inspiration from diverse sources. I’d like to treat each interaction with people or media as a possible jump off point for reflections and writing. So today’s topic is inspired by Netflix’s Daredevil. The last three episodes I consumed had the underlying theme of an individual’s moral compass and that you can’t see a person holistically by just watching his actions. Context and background are needed to deeply understand someone.

It is in digging deeper, beyond the obvious and easy explanations do we see one’s other side. Many of us have this other side, the side that very few people know about. You catch glimpses of this in the quick reactions of defensiveness, sometimes when you are caught off guard. It’s our darker side that we’d rather keep tucked in. But it is the side that drives some of our most important actions. Whether we like it or not, it also shapes our world view.

So do we just keep this buried and just deal with it by being passive aggressive or resentful? I don’t think it will ever go away because it is imprinted in our history. It is part of who we are, the full self that we have to learn to accept. It is what makes us broken but also what keeps us striving. I’d rather be more mindful about it, a bit more aware of my tendencies and just work it out from there. With practice, maybe I’ll bring this other side to the surface a bit more to celebrate and embrace it further. 

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