Tattoo Meanings

Yesterday I got my third tattoo. They say that once you start getting inked you crave for more. That even after you’ve just gotten one you are already thinking of the next one. I think this has some truth to it. But I think that when you start to get one, you think about the other aspects of your being that you’d like to remember or celebrate. You become more keen to the nuances that exist within you.   So what’s the meaning of each of the tattoos I’ve got?

Tattoo #1: L’appel du vide

This French word literally translates to “call of the void”. It represents my desire to push myself to the fringes, beyond my comfort zone. It is doing so to feel alive everyday. But it is also a reminder to find an anchor and a center so I can push more freely and not lose my footing. It is a call to be more trusting and generous as I give myself more to the world. However it also is a symbol of an underlying fear to just trust and leap. I take myself to the edge but often times cannot bring myself to fully plunge. I need to be reminded of this fear and to find ways to test it everyday. 

Tattoo #2: Wildflower

I see myself as a wildflower, able to thrive in varied environments even extreme ones. These flowers when daintily placed in a pretty vase can exist against an opulent backdrop. But if left to run wild in the desert or grow with weeds, finds a way to still flourish. It represents grit and resilience but also beauty and grace. 

Tattoo #3: You are that + Lotus Flower

This line speaks of the duality and contradiction that I choose to embrace everyday. It is a call to be gentle with myself as I live with my curiosities and quirks. The lotus flower represents the tranquility that I strive to have. It is a yoga symbol and typically stands for a beautiful center. Interestingly though, something this pretty grows in a swampy and sometimes muddy environment. It is as if it chooses to exude grace despite its circumstances. The lotus is drawn in a free hand manner that ties in nicely with the theme of duality- it knows its space but remains to be fluid. 

The placement of these tattoos kinda allude to my nature as well. I placed it in areas where it becomes my choice who sees it. Or should I decide to show it, it is in a state of craziness or playfulness. The only one that gets more frequent exposure is the wildflower tattoo. I treat it as a form of everyday accessory. It is also the safest amongst the three and how I want to be perceived more by the world. 

So yeah, there is some depth to these designs and not just because they will look great in photos 🙂 

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