Curiosities and Stirrings

Last night I was reflecting about the various life themes that shaped my choices for the past few years. These revolved around practice, mindfulness, prayer, solitude, presence, focus, clarity, curiosity, uncertainty, growth, movement, self care and integration. Seems like these are disparate but for some strange reason I sense a thread that binds them. I’m not fully sure what it is but I have a few hunches. 

Perhaps I am called to create something that weaves these together, finding that intersection that gives me purpose and brings value to the world. It might have started with writing about these topics on the blog. I realized that I have written so much over the past few months. Some posts may sound like previous ones but this just means that these subjects have been consistently resonating. So maybe it’s related to writing.

Perhaps I am also called to share myself more by way of being more out there. If given a choice, I would rather be working on the sidelines, content with blending in and having someone else take the limelight. I’m a very good supporter and I know my place in a scenario when I have to give way to a lead. But the tug seems to be in another direction. It is scary but lately I’ve also been trying to experiment with leaning into my fear. The moment I feel the first stirrings of self doubt, I just take a step forward to do it. 

I don’t know but I’m excited how this will unfold. Maybe I’m getting these feels because I’m about to finish a passion project I’ve poured my being into for a few years. So my little heart is getting antsy once again. For the mean time, I’ll just stay open:)

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