Getting Back Into the Rhythm

Traveling is great for its novelty and surprises but a part of me thrives in the simplicity of a routine. After being out for over a couple of weeks because of the two marathons, I can’t wait to just get back into the rhythm that I’ve been building over time. I long to just go about my ordinary everyday. 

Today is the start of that and it’s a bit of a struggle, with different factors to hurdle. One is the jetlag and another is the fact that children and the people in our household need to get used to having us around again. But the most challenging one is not being able to do one of the things that used to shape my mornings because I cannot afford to do so anymore. It was a downer but I knew that I had to choose my priorities and get things in order. There always are other methods I can replace it with, at least for now. 

I love coming back to the familiar as much as I seek out pursuits of adventure. It is the day to day that grounds me and helps me face the unexpected. Settling into the mornings allows me to take on the varied daily interactions. Things may go haywire throughout the course of the day but if you give me my mornings I know that I can fully take on anything. I will be making a few tweaks to my morning routine to adjust to what I can manage now but what is important is having that sense of control over how your days start. There’s so much pleasure in knowing that you are deliberately pulling yourself together so you can flow freely for the rest of the day. 

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