New Routines

The start of a new routine is always a struggle. The body is in a state of tension because all its faculties need to be alert to every single action. It is taking in all things again, absorbing every stimuli and interaction. And at the same time it is unlearning things, letting go of old practices. You can’t cruise into autopilot because you are unsure of your surroundings and uncertain about yourself all over again. You question whether you can take in the new, learn skills and adapt to a different way of doing. 

But it is also these new routines that draw us back to a state of mindfulness. Because we pay closer attention, sum up our concentration as we work on weaving it into our day to day. It also awakens in us questions whether existing practices, assumptions, beliefs and even people are still suited to be part of our days and nights. Being in this situation puts us in a state to rethink our ways of doing things, assessing which ones we can weed out and replace with those that can give us a fresh perspective. It’s good to periodically shake up our lives a bit.

What my new routine gives me is a more focused and stringent yoga and mindfulness practice. I get to surround myself with people who are very good and dedicated that all they talk about, even in the locker rooms, is yoga. The teachers are gentle with their words but firm in their instructions. I like it that they say it as it is. Today I felt that the teacher was looking straight at me when she told us to get out of our heads and more into the practice as the poses start to feel more challenging and our bodies more tired from previous poses. That is what I just needed, a reminder to cede control so I can be more control of my practice. This beautiful tension continues to intrigue and challenge me, what draws me to make this new routine work for and with me. 

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