Gaining Confidence

I was among very confident women recently, all accomplished and leaders in their respective fields. Articulate, stylish and well put together- they embody all that I want to become when I grow up. As I hopped from one conversation to another i couldn’t help but observe that the source of confidence is not just the career advancement that they have experienced but springs from a genuine sense of self that takes things in stride. It was a grounded kind of confidence.

These C-Level women were not muscling their way to outdo the other but listening, coaching and cluing each other on how best to manage situations that arise in their leadership roles. They were not afraid to admit that social occasions exhausted the introvert in them nor were they hesitant to confess that they would rather go to their kid’s parent teacher conference than to listen to strategic presentations. They take matters that they’ve defined as most important super seriously but have learned to laugh at how silly they are when they overly worry. They’re okay just being themselves in all their beautiful broken splendour.

I stood in rapt wonder as they spoke their minds, telling me that when I turn 40 my mindset will shift and that I will be a much more confident person. Butterflies in stomach won’t go away but that I’ll be okay with most things, even those that don’t go my way. Such warm reassurance from an army of women who’ve made it work, based on their own terms, unapologetically grounded and forthright, simply earnest as they try to lead authentic lives in all the roles that they play. This was super valuable. I just wanna be like them when I grow up 🙂

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