The Infinite Game

It was my first time to listen to Seth Godin’s Akimbo podcast. Today’s topic was about Game Theory and how mathematical methods are used to navigate around scarcity. He talks about the two types of games- the finite and infinite. Finite has a clear start and end, specific winners and losers and a definitive goal. On the other hand an infinite game is one that aims not just to win what is perceived as scarce but to keep doing for the sheer joy of the game. The goal is to just play.

I like his definition of a game. It is one that does not spring from scarcity but one that gives first before it asks for what it can get back. It is something I am learning as well in the new work project I am embarking on . I am compelled to rush and find hacks to doing things as I am told to move fast or else others will just get ahead of me. I spent my entire life living from this perspective of not enough. I don’t want to live the rest of my life doing so. Flow, flourish and excel is what I aspire to do.

It is asking what I can give to the community, what new thing can I introduce, what new ways of being and doing can be initiated, what meaning can I imbue to a world that has given me so much? A shift to a space of abundance, a movement towards grace. I hope to keep asking these questions even if I have to rush and hustle. I am in here for the long haul and although sprints are sometimes necessary, I’d like to play the infinite game with a wellspring of energy that keeps on giving.

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