Meditation and Moments

I just recently discovered Sharon Salzberg’s Metta Hour podcast. Sharon is known for teaching loving kindness meditation and I was privileged to have sat through a couple of her sessions at 1440 Multiversity earlier this year. For today’s podcast, she had a conversation with George Mumford. I chose this particular episode because George’s book, The Mindful Athlete, is one of the most instrumental content that I used in my run training.

I felt that the session spoke directly to me as I’ve been struggling lately with a sense of being off-center. I realised that this feeling springs from not being right here, right now. George succinctly put it as “There’s nothing wrong right now.” What worries us and causes so much anxiety in our lives are things that happened or might happen. But right now, there really is nothing amiss and that this moment is all we have. We hear this all the time but we still live as if our lives were not in this one present. We scramble, frantic and unsure of what to do. But if we pause and just be in the moment, we really will know what to do. It is already in us, just waiting to be heard and accessed. We just gotta listen.

Meditation is a way of tuning into these moments. It is a streamlined approach to nurturing mindfulness, cultivating attention, tranquility, keenness and insight. The active practice of slowing down to acknowledge every action and their very intention gives us back our now. I like the idea of meditation as a daily continuity practice, available in even the most mundane and repetitive of actions. It’s in the repetition that the shift happens. I hope I can get back to this beautiful process. I need it most right now.

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