Finding the Fun

When we are pressured to deliver we tend to lose the fun in the work that we do. Finding the fun is treated as s waste of time. Instead we think we should think and do the serious stuff if we are indeed serious about the work that we do. But really, where is the fun in that?

This is a question that is as important as asking what matters. It does not have to be all business and formality when we talk about what is meaningful. The joy of finding that which should be the focus of our energy is as much tied to the method by which we carry it out. Finding meaning is finding joy. There is so much lightness in that.

Play takes out the stress, It injects creativity and life in our otherwise staid and bland states of work. There is nothing like welcoming a brand new day with a smile and a light heart. Doing so creates a much larger space to do and to be.

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