An Extra Day

This is what the pandemic has provided us, an extra day. We used to spend at least 4 hours a day in traffic or in transition. Adding this to a full week, that’s over 24 hours spent shuffling or being stuck. Being home has given us another day to create, to spend time with family, to reflect, to move.

I am grateful for this extra day and all the days that have been filled with the things we love and enjoy. The spare time has afforded us the ease and space to shift from task to task, from moment to moment. It has allowed us the time to think through things and even the time to relish each experience. Frequently it is also a time to do nothing which is okay when things start to get a little too frantic.

24 days in total now of extra days. I don’t really keep count but today I was reminded of how much precious additional time we have just because we are at home. It is almost a month’s worth of time we can choose to do (or not to do) to our heart’s content. Looking forward to these “free days” to simply be.

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