From Where You Are

I had a conversation this morning with my younger, bright eyed, fresh-out-of-school team mate about being truly ready. I was reminded of a version of myself from decades ago. He seemed frazzled and worried about all the things that he needed to get right. He admitted to being a bit paranoid about everything. I paused before I responded.

Part of me wanted to tell him to take it easy and just chill. It is the same advice that has been given to me countless times. But I chose to tell him to accept his nature and perhaps simply channel it to suit his objective. It could be the maturity kicking in or the personal experience speaking. I ended up encouraging him instead to cease struggling with how he is and use that as his starting point.

Most of the time we voice out the most obvious solution to a problem presented. But what we miss is an opportunity to meet people from where they are coming from. We usually go with what makes sense, the logical response to a given scenario. What that lacks though are the nuances and details that may not make it applicable to this particular condition. Tuning in and meeting people and situations from where they are- these are what we are called to do instead.

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