February Run Report

As usual, I dreaded opening my February training program knowing that the load will be much harder. As I glanced through it, I once again felt pangs of self-doubt- “Kaya ko ba ‘to?” So just like what I did in January, I took the training a week at a time, trying as much as I can to stick to the plan.

I think I accomplished around 90% of what my coach has asked me to do. Other work-outs I could not do due to scheduling concerns and out of town travel. But I tried as much as I can to squeeze my training into my sked. I even joined a fun run in Cebu to make sure I don’t miss out on my long run. I also focused on having quality workouts and not just mere compliance. But yes, the training is on the tough side.

I am happy to note though that there have been marked improvements especially in my speed. Seems like I am able to PR for various distances. Now I can do 10k a little under 45 minutes if I push hard , sub-1  for 12k and 20k at 1:45 minutes. I have also been able to hold the speed for longer distances, something that I have always been trying to do since my legs usually are the first to get tired after a fast start. In terms of recovery, I have been able to run strong despite running for three straight days. Of course strength training helps and I think doing swim training once a week has also helped build upper body strength so I get to have a full body workout throughout the week. I really think that quality training is not just about putting in the mileage but also making sure that one works on overall strength and endurance. This also includes proper fuel and rest.

But my coach says that I can push some more and I would like to do so too. It really feels good being this focused on my running and seeing results with every kilometer that I run. So on to the March training and 45 more days till the marathon!

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