Looking for the Next Race

I have not found my training rhythm after the London Marathon. Maybe it’s because I have not found the race that will get me to try again to gun for a Boston Qualifier. The plan was to qualify in London but I failed to do so even if I did a PR. When I talk about failing I say this without berating myself. It is simply stating the fact and accepting that it is what it is. 
I am in search for my next race. I have signed up for the Athens Marathon this November more because I have always wanted to run the original marathon and because I will be in Europe at that time for work (yes, I actively look for races to tie into trips to maximize the stay). I am trying to get into the Bali Marathon this August because I have free accommodations and award tickets already. But I have a sense that these two races are not my Boston qualifiers. Maybe it is because I have not mapped out a plan leading to these races.

For the mean time, I will try to get back into the groove of training again. I will incorporate cross training (swim and bike) to just have a well rounded approach plus continue to do yoga and Pilates to help on flexibility and strength. I would like to be more disciplined in my nutrition too so I can run with a lighter weight and better body mass composition. And more importantly I will strive to follow the program to the letter. I read somewhere that we never rise to the level of our expectations but we fall to the level of our training. Writing this on the blog helps me to be accountable and serves as a good reminder to follow through everyday on this commitment.

Suggestions for good BQ races is very much welcome! 

2 thoughts on “Looking for the Next Race

  1. Hi Mench – You may want to try Ottawa Marathon. A friend on mine got qualified for Boston by running Ottawa. Her time is 3 hrs 30 and her qualifying time should be 3 hrs 35 mins. This was last month.


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