British Fashion with Superdry

During our trip to London, I was so amazed by how diverse the collection of Superdry was. When I think about the brand, I only associate it with their iconic t-shirts and signature Wind Cheater jackets. But a visit to the flagship store near Oxford Circus as well as their Soho branch afforded me a better view of the wide range of choices that the brand has to offer. It was also very interesting to note how a British brand has managed to innovate on it’s Japanese Americana theme by having special edition pieces that creatively embody signature details of the brand infused with unique touches. One of these pieces is the tweed jacket that is as British as Sherlock Holmes, perfect for exploring London.


Superdry flagship store

Dressy But Versatile

Due to its tailored fit, it adds a bit of formality to an outfit. So a simple jeans and shirt ensemble can be a dinner attire with this kind of jacket on. Having the staple Superdry street attitude gives it flexibility so it can be worn with various types of outfits. 

It’s a jeans and jacket day.

Put-Together But Not Stiff
If paired with a whimsical dress, the jacket finishes up the outfit by giving it a very put together but still innovative feel. I like how you can manage to have a structured look without the stuffiness.  

Chanelling my modern damsel look.


Brand Details Reinvented

It has the stand-up collar, finger loop and double zippers that are synonymous to Superdry but these are given a new treatment that suits the overall look of the jacket. 

Can’t get any more British than this.

So thanks to Superdry Philippines for this very unique piece. It sure made the trip photos more interesting and very British! 

Superdry in Stonehenge

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