Sunday Night Blues

A lot of us dread the few hours left of the weekend and have come to label it as Sunday Night Blues. Studies have shown that for some people, it is the worst day of the week, Monday comes in second. It’s just sad that we end up wasting these precious hours fearing an unknown, unrealized reality instead of just enjoying it.

One of the things that I have practiced in the past months is using these last weekend hours to take stock on how the weekend went and plan for the coming week. I noticed that if I purposely spent this time, I get to set the tone and rhythm of my week. This was further validated by an article on Kinfolk about deliberately spending your last Sunday hours. 

It talked about the two types of people- the toilers and the idlers. The toilers spend these hours wrapping up work and plotting out the whole week’s schedule. The idlers have set the time for doing nothing work related or simply doing nothing at all. The article contends that whatever type you are, as long as you are deliberate with this choice of how to utilize this time, Sunday nights can actually be blissful. If you do what you do without feeling guilty, rushed or forced then you can welcome the coming week with open arms.

I am more of a toiler with occasional idler tendencies and below are some of the things that have worked in making Sunday nights the best way to cap my week:

Plot Your Weekly Schedule

I like being in control of my time and one of my pet peeves are last minute things that shake up my schedule. So it works for me to know how my week will flow. This takes into account work, family, fitness, socials, hobbies, etc. 

Identify Key Things to Accomplish

Tied to planning the week would be having a maximum of three things to accomplish for the week. Setting this helps me get through the week with clarity of purpose. And not all goals have to be lofty. It can be as simple as finally reading a chapter in a book I have been meaning to finish. 

Do Something You Love

How can you dread these hours if you are doing something you love and if you choose to be present as you engage in something that makes your heart sing?

Have No Expectations

You alone should define what is fun or worthwhile for you to spend on. There is no benchmark on how a weekend must be spent. Whatever you are doing may be the end in itself so revel in it .

Happy Monday everyone, the world awaits.

Have a beautiful week ahead!

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