Back In Training

This week I finally went back to training. I think part of me was a little scared that I would have a really hard time going back to my marathon season routine. But then I figured the longer I delay it the more I would regress, the harder to get back the base I have built as well as the gains I have earned. 

So this week was about focus on getting back. I would like to share some of the steps I am taking:

1. First on the list is just following the program I have set myself out to do. Even if I am still unclear on the race I am training for, I’ll just get on it. This is the hardest part and so I decided to make it first on the list. I realized how much I have missed running consistently. I just hope this continues to be the tone of this training season- running for the sheer joy of running. 
2. Next was to add variety to the routine. I plotted the days where I will add yoga, strengthening and swimming. I found that this made the program more holistic. Since these are complementary activities, I would not mind having two workouts a day and was surprised that I did not feel spent or too exhausted.

3. Being extra mindful of nutrition is absolutely important. I have always been a balanced eater but lately I have taken additional steps to have a healthier diet. I am just happy that a friend of ours delivers the yummiest and freshest veggies and so we have gotten more creative with our salads and meals at home. 

4. Sleep remains to be a priority and thankfully I still get 7-8 hours of snooze time. I was just listening to a Arriana Huffington talk about the importance of sleep and how this affects performance in all aspects of our life. It’s just funny that people now brag about their sleep deprivation when they should be scared about the long term effects of lack of sleep. 

5. Taking time to also strengthen my work ethic has enabled me to include the workouts into the day’s schedule. This is a work in progress and sometimes I find myself still doing a lot of time wasters and “busy work”. Focus and prioritization are important to accomplish the essential things we said we would do.

I write all these to hold myself accountable everyday to my training and to the life goals I have embraced to do. 

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