Trying to Write Again

I haven’t written on the blog for a while.  It has just not been part of my current routine. When I was actively writing it was habitual and weaved into my day to day. Interestingly though I’ve had so many insights the past few months that I would’ve loved to write about, I just didn’t make time to do so. This time I’ll try to get back, a little bit at a time.

This desire to write again was triggered by a message from an acquaintance who said that she digged through my writing and that these thoughts have helped her navigate and think about life these past few weeks. These are the words that make writing, even if it was intended for self expression, worthwhile. Sometimes we don’t realize how much impact we have on others and the world, both good and bad. 

So for the next posts I may write about the things that have been running through my mind lately- purpose, passion, focus, commitment, presence, surrender, mindfulness, groundedness, parenting, vocation, curiosity, among others. I’ve also been reading a lot and I’d be happy to include insights from these books that I have picked up. I’ve also gotten into podcasts while in traffic and some of my poignant learning are from those too which I also hope to share. I’ll also try to keep it short so I can squeeze in the writing during my morning commute. 

To get started, today’s lesson learned is about grounding yourself as you rise. My yoga teacher pointed out that when we root ourself, stabilizing our core and being fully aware of our  stance and foundation we set ourself up for greater heights. We also learn to surrender more because of a strong center. But we take it a step at a time, bit by bit, mindfully leading one pose to the other and careful not to just rush to lift up. I’m a work in progress in this regard. But what I do know is that I learn better when I take it a step at a time, one foot after another just like in my running. 

So let’s see how this new routine works out:) Happy Monday and happy vibes to all! 

Let us be the light and presence we seek in the world. 

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