Why I Love Routines

I am a creature of habit. As much as I crave for spontaneity I also thrive in predictability. So everyday, I do the exact same things, in the exact same sequence between 530 am until 900 am. Doing so gives me a sense of control in how my day will flow. I noticed that the days I’m unusually frazzled are the days when my morning routine gets disrupted. The routine allows me to free up my attention to zero in instead on the key tasks that I have to do for the day. It allows me to settle into focused work throughout the day since I’ve done the things I love to do first thing in the morning. So you can say I’ve autopiloted my mornings so I can navigate the rest of the day better.

Having a routine also helps in making sure that you don’t set yourself up for failure, especially if you are trying to tweak aspects of your lifestyle that are the most stubborn to fix. For instance, I’m currently following a nutrition program, finally trying one after almost a decade of athletic training while eating whatever I want. From someone who likes things easy, convenient and fast, this program takes a lot of getting used to. But I realized that if I weave this new program into my routine then maybe I can make it work. So I did the prep work last weekend, calibrated my schedule and briefed our help on what we have to do. It’s my first week so we’ll see how it goes. It’s just good to have a framework I can use to incorporate new things in my day to day. 

Routines may seem boring but it actually gives us the freedom to experiment and explore. If we have set fixed time for the most important things, we can be more opportunistic throughout the day. 

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