On Presence

There were two words that I remembered from last night’s dream- Inspired Work. In the dream there was no real context except that it seemed that I had that in mind as the character in my own dream. Maybe my subconscious was mulling over the books and articles on passion and purpose that I have been reading lately. Or perhaps it still was on a hangover from yesterday’s conversation with people exuding enthusiasm about the work and passion projects that they are currently doing.

As I was pondering on this, I realized that the source of this spark is presence. Being fully present in what you do, no matter how mundane, gives it soul and inspiration. And it’s not just about work. It is about inspired parenting, inspired friendships, inspired conversations or any activity where you choose to fully immerse yourself in the moment. 

This is not an easy task with all the worries and distractions. But I think the antidote to this multitasking malady is taking a pause. Pause to be present. When we feel overwhelmed, insecure and unsure maybe we should just pause,  breathe and remind ourselves to just be fully present, one task at a time.

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