Moving On

We are being urged as a nation to move on from the hurt that was caused by martial law, now stirred by a sudden hero’s burial of the dictator that was the root of all this hurt. Unsurprisingly, this call was received with anger and ire because of the callous way it was delivered. As if you have no choice but to just forget and move forward. 

But people can’t and should not easily just move on. This is true for this situation and any instance that has caused deep hurt and pain. It is important to feel all the emotions as a way of purging ourselves of the negativity that will hinder us from truly moving on. Fight if we must, express our rage in our own unique ways but let our anger flow. Only then can we heal, after we have calmed down and come to terms with the turmoil of our hearts.

Then we move on. We have lost a part of ourselves and we deal with it everyday. We strive to channel it in the work that we do, in loving the people closest to us more dearly and in trying to make a meaningful mark in this world. So yes, let us move on, in our own way, in our own time. 

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