A Sense of Abundance

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a conversation about how come after you’ve given something all you’ve got it may not be enough to make things happen, that there are things that are just not within your control. He sounded tired and weary and really felt that he didn’t have much more to give. 

I perfectly understood what he was saying. I’ve been through that before and I had less grace when I was dealing with it. But what I learned is that when you think you have stripped yourself dry and empty and have nothing more to offer you just have to believe that there is so much more to give. Sounds kinda cliche but it’s really about shifting from a place of scarcity to one of abundance. And this is powerful because you will yourself to give more to others, to the world but more importantly to yourself. 

We can give something to the world in so many ways and it’s not just in the work that we do. We can choose to listen more, pay attention more, accept more, etc. And with our own broken selves, we can also do the same- listen more to your heart’s murmurs, pay more attention to how your body feels, accept more that you too have your bad days, etc. 

With this practice, we become the fullness that we seek.Let’s us create this space of abundance around us and share it everyday with the people we hold dear. 

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