My Little Secret

Five years ago I decided to take my running to the next level. Before that I was just concerned about finishing and was unconcerned about target times. In addition, I wanted to shed the stubborn pounds I gained after giving birth to my second child. So I got a gym membership to get better mileage and work on my strength. But I was not really making any substantial progress. 

Then I saw this tiny lady training some people at the gym. Or rather she was ordering them around while they followed her instructions to the letter. This is Charisse and she has been my Pilates trainer for five years. Because of her program I have gotten stronger and faster. But more importantly from her I learned to listen to my body, being very keen to how it feels and moves. I know when I’m misaligned or unbalanced. She also taught me to trust my strength because we have built up my core. 

I still go to her studio every week to get fixed and be reminded about the basic stuff about strength and wellness. I may be doing all sorts of exercises now but I continue to practice the fundamentals that Charisse has taught me. She still gives me a hard time but I think that kind of training works for me. 

I’m always asked what my secret is to running faster times. Charisse is my little secret 🙂 

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