Gentle Hearts

I’m blessed to have kids who are gentle on each other and with others. It’s a good balance for an overly active mom like me who’d rather wrestle and roughhouse. They are easily content, simple with their needs and not wanting much. They are just selfish when it comes to mom’s time and attention. When I’m home, it’s play time or do nothing time. 

Their gentle ways have taught me so much and they continue to teach me everyday. Today was no exception. I like getting my day started with a specific pace and order and it affects me when this is disrupted. Between my two kids, my son got this quirk. It frustrates me when he can’t seem to shift courses when    unexpected things happen. If he has thought about how things should be then it should happen that way. I realized why I get particularly upset about this. It’s because it is something that I am trying to sort out myself. I see my son deal with it by getting emotional and openly hurt, crying his eyes out and sulking then completely moving on and forgetting about it. I hope to just be the same and not build a wall around me, keep quiet and nurse my hurt when these things happen. It’s a work in progress and my husband said I’ve improved a lot. 

So this morning when an unexpected episode happened, I got frazzled and my son sobbed silently while I kept quiet. But this time, I reached out and hugged him and without saying anything hopefully made him feel that we both would be okay, quirks and all. 

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