Flow Follows Focus

The state of flow is defined as a condition when you are so immersed and engaged in what you are doing that you don’t notice the passing of time. Your whole being is fully present and operating at high performance levels. The most successful entrepreneurs and athletes strive to achieve this state because they can deliver so much in a short span of time. 

Flow comes with mindfulness since presence is required. It comes into existence not accidentally but through deliberate actions. These are called triggers. One of the things that channel flow is focus, consciously directing one’s attention not just on the outcome but on the process. 

There are several ways we may achieve focus. One is by having a big goal with big consequences. Audacious goals give us the strong purpose that guides our every decision. It is also brought about by the alignment of our personal values with these big goals. Some people might call this vocation or mission. Focus also emerges from autonomy and isolation. Not being distracted constantly by the little things and zeroing in on the three key tasks for the day that will take us closer to our set goals help focus our attention.  Autonomy, on the other hand, is having a space where we can make these choices independently and mindfully. 

It’s true that whatever we focus on grows so it should be directed then towards where we find meaning and purpose.  Have a mindful Monday! 

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