On Irreverence 

I was listening to the Big Magic podcast yesterday and one of the topics Liz Gilbert spoke about was how we treat the stuff that we create with so much reverence. We put art on a pedestal. We venerate music. We quote poems. In business we celebrate companies that aim to change the world. 

But before these rose as inspiring creations, they were borne out of play. They went through a process of being bad, broken art to being worth emulating.  It was about trying different things, not knowing which one will stick. It is a wonderful tug of war where you care so much about what you are doing but also don’t give a fuck about what others think as long as you keep creating. It is creation for its own sake. And here lies a certain lack of reverence. You are scrappy, you get down and dirty and you lose yourself. I like how Liz likens this to how sex is boring if a partner respects you so much that he asks permission to touch you. I’d rather be groped 🙂 

Sometimes we really do take ourselves too seriously. When we should just continue leading our messy crazy lives, creating and building along the way. 

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