To My 25 Year Old Self

I was asked by a friend to write a piece of advice for another friend who is celebrating her 25th today. As I was writing it, I realized I was writing more to myself. I’ll put it right here so I won’t forget these lessons in the years to come. 

My Dear, 

I thought about what I would’ve told my 25 year old self  if I were talk to her now. I would tell her that she is enough, flaws, faults and all. I would’ve assured her that she can bring her full self to the table and that what she has to say is important and of value. I’ll tell her that her quirks are fine and things will be fun and crazy if she lets herself be. I’d encourage her to always strive to be better but to know when she is trying so hard to make something work instead of just letting it go. I would share with her that you really just need a few things in this life and that you should hold those dearly. I’d ask her to be gentle with herself and not berate herself thinking she is not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, interesting enough. I would urge her to not think too much about trying new experiences but to take leaps of faith mindfully. I’d tell her to keep loving fully again and again and again. Even if it is with the same exact person she chose to love. I would whisper to her that she should take care of herself always so she can take care of others wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

I would share these same things to you my dear and push you to be the best YOU you can ever be, but to remember to always be YOU. 



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