Consuming for Creativity 

We consume to create. This was last night’s lesson from someone who made twenty five games this year. For him to do this he says he has to consume a lot of content. He has gadgets that allow him to access all sorts of creative output from photos to videos to games to blogs. He immerses himself in these things so he can always feel the pulse of the crowd. Then he lets his work flow from the triggers and trends that he sees across his feed. 

Another thing that struck me is that he puts his art out there not knowing which one will stick and without being too polished. He goes by quantity because you never know which one will really catch the fancy of the ever growing discerning market. He thrives in perpetually testing and iterating, scrapping putting things together to see if it will work. 

Although he has made a hit, he points out that there are lots of factors that you cannot control, that luck and timing play a role in the scheme of things. I find it hard to wrap my head around this since I don’t really like not having a sense of control on how things will turn out. But what I’m learning is that you can hold two very polar realities in your head – that you are in control of the path you take but not entirely in control of how things will turn out.  It is like having an internal compass that guides your general direction but the road you choose may have detours and the journey may be circuitous. And that’s okay. We’re gonna be fine. Happy weekend! 

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