Being Selfish with Time

I am not very good at estimating time. I am overly optimistic that tasks will be accomplished within a short period of time with no buffer for anything unexpected. On a more positive note, it allows me to focus since I only have a limited amount of time. But more often than not I end up frazzled, beating the red light. I sometimes feel that I could’ve done better if only I managed my time well. 

So last night my husband talks to me about how I should be more selfish with my time so I can save it for the more important things. I like trying different things and saying yes to new experiences. But I don’t realize that these things take more time than I actually think they do. I end up spreading myself too thinly, making sacrifices to make time for little stuff. I thought I was doing okay, integrating what is important and what is new or interesting. 

But apparently I have to constantly work on aligning what I do with my inner compass, to listen to the voice that calls within. Now it tells me that it is time to settle and build. I want to always heed it and use it as a filter when I decide what to say yes to. More than a limitation i think it frees me up so I know which one to take in and which one to leave out. It gives me the courage to say no or not yet. I really need to be reminded constantly and I am grateful that people around me care enough to guide and teach me. 

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