Thinking in Scale 

Being in the start up/tech industry has exposed me to amazing individuals who think in scale. This kind of mindset, also known as exponential thinking, is the kind of worldview that is needed to harness the possibilities and opportunities available in our fast changing connnected world. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs – Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page  all exhibit this and are now thinking of solving the world’s biggest problems. They are working towards making the world we live in much better and even finding new worlds for us. They are now thinking of connecting the billions of people who remain to be outside the realm of technology. This is thinking in scale at work. 

It is interesting to understand what is inside the mental tool kit of individuals like them. According to Peter Diamandis, in his book Bold, they rely on the following psychological framework: 

  1. Risk taking and risk mitigation
  2. Rapid iteration and ceaseless experimentation
  3. Passion and purpose
  4. Long-term thinking
  5. Customer-centric thinking
  6. Probabilistic thinking
  7. Rationally optimistic thinking 
  8. Reliance on first principles, aka fundamental truths

Their way of thinking is their way of being in the world. It is what drives and focuses their every action and decision. It is being able to hold two polar truths in their mind- a set vision and a shifting path. 

 I’d like to learn more about this and would love to share what I learn. I’m grateful that I have people like these in my life who can guide me and teach me, helping me build my own mental tool kit to thrive and flourish better in this exciting world.  

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