Simplifying Further

The past few years were about shifting to essentialism, focusing on the things that are most important. I realized this exercise has to be revisited periodically as a practice. Otherwise the essentials that you define for yourself may not be that essential after all. I am learning this the hard way. Although I say that I am one who does not want much, it seems that I have a lot of room for improvement. There is still a lot I could pare down and do away with. I would like to simplify further. 

The past year was about experiencing things. But this comes with a cost- time, money and energy. I don’t have a lot of these and yet I operate as if I do. It really is hard to let go of a lifestyle that you have grown to love and be comfortable with. Especially for someone who has very low EQ and who says yes to a lot of things before thinking. 

I’d like to spend the last few days of the year pondering on what I can further let go of. Instead of adding, I’d like to purge and weed out. This does not pertain to just physical stuff but even people, practices, routines, commitments that do not work for me anymore. I would just like to focus further on the most important. Going back again to an old mantra- not many but much. 

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