On Being Gentle

I’ve been writing everyday and I’d like to keep at it. But in the past days I feel that I’m running out of things to write about. I  can’t help but get a little anxious. But before I got ahead of myself I realized that this is because I have not been consuming much content as well. My thoughts stem from learning I glean from these as well as from various experiences and interactions. In addition, I figured the topics need not be insightful all the time. Writing is not for anyone else anyway but myself and I can choose whatever it is I want to put out there. 

This internal dialogue has taught me once again that what I am used to is not always the best way. I am used to pounding at something, being at it until I get it. I am stubborn that way. But sometimes it takes a little gentleness and stepping back to see how best to proceed. And it’s okay to just try different things to just mix it up as well as to see what works. A bit of playfulness does not hurt either. Creating should be fun.

So now I’m excited to think of other things to share. Maybe it’s time to share more freely as well and expand it to topics that I’ve always wanted to write about but too shy to do so. We will see. 

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