Living Sensually 

This year, I’ve had less inhibitions than before. I am not as worried with what people would think nor do I fret if I may seem a little wilder than usual. My husband tells me that I seem to have unlocked the rest of my hidden crazy, becoming more comfortable to let the world see how I really am.

I call this living sensually. Hinged on being fully present in whatever it is that you are doing,  it is about trying to engage all the senses and heightening your attention to every detail that is part of every interaction. It is tuning in to the little aspects that make each experience unique, even the mundane and ordinary. 

So how have I lived sensually in the past months? By being mindful about all that I do, by paying attention, by not rushing through things, by listening intently, by slowly settling into my day, by finding the daily rhythm that works for me, by doing more of the things that give me pleasure, by not feeling guilty, by not believing all the norms, by reading voraciously, by trying to do things differently, by behaving inappropriately at times, by speaking my mind more, by asking questions, by spending time alone, by seeking out others, by being guided by what my body feels like doing, by allowing myself to feel even the hard emotions, by not taking things too seriously, by doing things without reason just because I like it, by relishing moments, and so many other wonderful things. I would love to live more sensually in the years to come 🙂 

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