Speaking One’s Mind

I’m fascinated with people who speak their minds freely. These are people who are not exactly tactless but are not afraid to say what it is they are thinking of so that others don’t need to second guess them. I’m not sure though whether the world would be a much better place or whether relationships will last longer if all of us were like this. But undoubtedly it will be a more honest and open world. 

I’ve learned to speak my mind a little bit more this past year. I’ve accepted that I bring something of value to the table. For the longest time I’ve struggled with this. So I mostly kept quiet and just listened. Not entirely a bad thing but it is best to participate and practice speaking out more. I’m getting used to articulating what’s whirring through my head. But of course not entirely. There are some things I’d rather not say openly lest I risk relationships and reputations. 

Yet there is freedom in not caring much about what others think before you say something. It’s good to have people in our lives who do so. We may cringe and shift nervously in our seats when they speak but they are the voice that we suppress within us. They speak for us sometimes and talk about the stuff that we are too shy to ask or deliver. Maybe in time we will be these type of people too. 

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