Shifting Scenes

I read an article yesterday about the shifting scenes of our lives, how we transition from one part to another. It spoke about how certain people, habits and practices may not fit the new phase we are in. The period in between is the hardest because we have to struggle as we part with these things that don’t work out for us anymore as we find those that will stick with us for the coming season. Straddling both realities is the hardest just like any decision of letting go and holding on.

The year is about to wrap up and I can’t help but think about how I was during this time. I always believe that we are better off every year. And I feel the same about this year despite it being a period of transition. It was a time to learn and unlearn, a time to revisit what is inside my mental tool kit and purge what won’t work for what I’m trying to build now. It was a time to make choices which and who to focus on, where to spend my limited time and energy. 

This year’s scene is about learning to embrace uncertainty and pushing myself further to the edge. It is also about grounding and firming up my anchors. It is about building confidence and fueling my crazy. And towards the end of the year it is realizing that I need to simplify further and pare down some more. It is about growing more into the person I’d like to become. This thought makes me excited for next year. I think it’ll be a year of moving full steam ahead.

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