Big Magic

I got to do a bit of Big Magic this year. Liz Gilbert defines this as creative living without fear and creativity driven by curiosity. Reading the book has inspired me to write everyday not for anyone but for myself, writing even if the well of ideas is running low. It has encouraged me to immerse myself in the act of building, at work and at play.

But the real breakthrough for me was collaborating with a talented group of artists to produce an illustrated book. It is a simple book but there is nothing like holding something you created in your hands. It is creation at its truest sense, ideas becoming real and tangible. Now I understand a maker’s desire to always make something with her hands. 

This opened up something for me, that perhaps I may be truly capable of building things. I’ve always felt insecure about lacking experience and domain knowledge in what I am doing now. Especially when I stand in the midst of people who are confident and  seem sure about what they are doing. And there’s a lot of that in the industry I work in. But they are the same people who also tell me to just jump right in since that’s the best way to learn. So yeah, let the Big Magic carry me through this too:) 

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