An Excellent Morning

Everyday, I am greeted by a lady security guard at the gym with a hearty “Have an excellent morning, ma’am!”. It never fails to brighten my day, even if I woke up with a bad hang over or a crazy night. It is not the usual greeting and it rises above the mandatory welcome. What intrigued me though was what her definition is of an excellent morning. It would be interesting to know and one of these days I will ask her.

Excellence is what we ultimately strive for, in all that we do. But each one has his her own definition of this similar to how success is different for every individual. Thus it is important to take a step back and carve what this means for us. Otherwise we just go through the motion day in and day out, and nothing really matters much. Otherwise we let others define this for us. 

So even if we are not sure whether what we are doing is that which we will pour our hearts into, let us strive for mastery. The act of doing so brings us closer to what it is we ought to be. Have an excellent morning! 

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