My All-Occasion Gift List 

I can’t remember when was the last time I really wanted a specific thing for Christmas. People ask me what I’d like to receive as a gift and I usually have a hard time responding since nothing really comes to mind. I just end up asking for something ordinary, simple or useful like a white shirt. But if I were forced to come up with a list, I would ask for the following:

Time –  I realized that my two most important languages of love are time and touch. But time is at the top of my list. Give me your undivided time and attention. Choose to waste it with me. Let us while away the hours talking about everything and anything. Find time for me. If you can’t, make time. Show me that there is nothing else you’d rather do at this particular instance than be with me. Let us linger over copious amounts of whatever we choose to drink and just let the world around us go by.  This is the same thing I give to those closest to my heart. 

Presence – tied in closely to time is being present. I value you being truly there. I like it when you set your phone aside and consequently set all those that are worrying or occupying your mind aside as well. Or you can just openly talk about those things. Choose to be with me fully. Focus on enjoying every bit of our conversation. Listen, even if you don’t say anything after I’ve spent hours just ranting. Show me that there’s no place you’d rather be than where you are now, alongside me. 

Moments – let us experience things together. Let us do fun, crazy stuff that we will both remember when we are old and brittle. Or help me remember these things when I’ve had a little too much fun. Whisk me off to try something new. Make me say yes to do things I’m scared the shit of. Have my back when I finally agree to do so. Create memories with me.

Wonder- take me to places that take my breath away. Even if these are not in far away lands. Surprise me and sweep me off my feet. The littlest things can do this to me. I’m not exactly interested in the grand and expensive gestures. The seemingly mundane things that you do because you know it’ll make me giddily giggle works just fine. Freely talk to me about topics that will make my mind wonder too. 

Solitude – if you know me well, you will understand that I love going off for long periods on my own. Silence and solitude are essential to my being. It is the fuel that I need so I can give more to the people and things that matter. It is the self care that works wonders for me. I long for it and I seek it. I always go back to it when I’m at my saddest and also when I’m at my happiest. 

This is my all-occasion gift list and I don’t think it’ll change much in the years to come. Have a blessed Christmas! 

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