Process vs Outcome

The start of the year sets off with thinking about what we want to achieve for the new year. Resolutions abound, bucket lists are revisited, goals are made. We feel energized knowing that we have set these for ourselves and that we can look forward to a year of making these happen. 

But then life gets in the way, old habits resurface. All these things get shelved and before you know it, it’s the middle of the year then the end of the year. Why didn’t we accomplish any of the things we said we would do? Perhaps it is because we were just fixated with the goals but did not plan on how to make it happen. We set ourselves up for failure if we just focus on the goals without planning for the practice. And it is the everyday showing up that is the best mark for progress and an early indicator of success. 

Process entails having systems in place with an end in mind. It is mapping out how you get to a point where the action becomes second nature. Essentially it is about building habits that stick. So even if the goal may not be fully achieved because it was just audacious, there is marked progress and you have acquired significant gains. Plus you have good habits that may last you for years to come. 

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