Now That’s Interesting

I was browsing through Kinfolk’s Home issue and I chanced upon a line that resonated with me: “I give myself the right to explore things I find interesting.” This caught my attention because it is something that I want to be guided by as well. It ties back to choosing to live with increased curiosity. And curiosity is not just about seeking new experiences but being inquisitive about how we are as we go through even the most ordinary and mundane parts of our every day living. It is an introspection of sorts that calls for us to be fully present and engaged in moments that we choose to spend our time on.

Now what do I find interesting lately? Methods of living and being has been on my mind. I’m also interested in presence, process and practice. I’m curious to know what I may fill my mental and emotional toolkit with and which ones I can get rid of. I ponder on who and what I should spend my time on. I wonder how I can pare down my excesses further. I still am into habits and performance. 

These are most likely the things I will be writing and reading about. It feels good to be guided on what to consume. There’s nothing wrong with being aimless sometimes but there is something about being deliberate in what we do and take in. A good balance of both is healthy. I like thriving in contradictions anyway, part of the whole learning exercise. 

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