Creating Space

It’s quite ironic that you need to create space to fill up your being. Space can come in different forms. It could be through solitude as you deliberately take off to experience silence in its entirety. It may be through paring down to the essentials, ridding yourself of excesses that you’ve allowed to be your norm. It could be by doing nothing, allowing yourself some slack and time off without any agenda. Today at yoga it was about creating space so you can go deeper into the pose and give more of yourself to practice. 

In our world where busyness is a badge of honor that we wear proudly, idle time is frowned upon and considered as wasting time. It is interesting though that the best performing individuals, those who are at the peak of their game, show otherwise. They factor in time for recovery and are able to switch on their competitive streak at will. Recovery allows the body to perform at a higher level because of renewed energy. More importantly though, it allows for the mind to imprint the movement into the unconscious so that the conscious mind can focus on making further improvements. 

The habit of creating space is necessary for lifelong learning. We take in what we need at the moment but should be ready to let this go when it does not suit our purpose and context anymore. This cycle of purging and filling up our mental and emotional tool kit is a constant practice that takes us closer everyday to who we ought and aspire to be in this world. 

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